Alien: El Origen
Escape Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain

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Best production room I have ever done and they really pushed the boundaries on the experience an escape room can deliver! I would give a 6 for immersion if I could. From start to finish, I really felt like I was on a space ship. The game is split team about half the time but you don't miss out on the puzzles, which is great. Each team also gets to make some decisions that can impact the other team, which also factors into which story ending you get. The only con I have is that the puzzles were not particularly challenging. While they were unique, many were more like dexterity/reflex challenges rather than brainy puzzles. We had a mixed group of 5 beginners and experienced people. I would say 4-6 is a good amount depending on experience level. Any more and it would be way too crowded.
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