Hyde and Seek
1333 W Temple St., Los Angeles, CA
2-6 players
Duration: 60 minutes
Difficulty: medium

STEP RIGHT UP! Welcome to HYDE CIRCUS: We’ve got fortune tellers, wild beasts, and magical moments you just have to see for yourself! But you better hurry, because the circus will be closing its doors very soon. Some cruel individual has been taking large sums of money from the establishment, but we think we hired the right crew to solve the mystery at hand! Save Hyde Circus! The world wouldn’t be the same without it!

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The newer 60out rooms like Hyde seem to favor production value over puzzle quality. This room is all about an immersive experience. The set design and immersion factor in this room are AMAZING. The space is large, the props and decor are phenomenal, and the transitions are really interesting. The puzzles, unfortunately, are just so-so. They’re interactive, high-tech, and on-theme, but they are not especially challenging and it feels like you’re just going through a series of easy to figure out steps to complete an experience rather than actively figuring stuff out. We had the same feeling about Nautilus. I think Hyde is still a really good room and worth trying for the decor and experience alone. But don’t expect to be especially challenged. Good room for beginners.
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