Escape Rooms in Yeovil, England
There are 2 escape rooms near Yeovil, England.
Unit 18, Bartlet Court, Yeovil, Somerset, BA20 2NZ
3-6 players, 60 minutes, Puzzlair
In the middle of the cold war, the USSR developed a secret chip which hides their missiles from the radars of their enemies. One of their scientists discovered that they will use the chip and he leaked the information to the British Government. The launching protocol has begun and you have 60 minutes to deactivate the protocol and escape from the bunker, otherwise, you will be responsible for the outbreak of World War III.
Unit 18, Bartlet Court, Yeovil, Somerset, BA20 2NZ
2-5 players, 60 minutes, Puzzlair
This room is the exhibition gallery of some rare stolen artworks. In the Italian renaissance era a secret group formed with a very mysteryous purpose. The gallery is their hiding place, and they keep the main secret in this place. The players mission is to reveal the original purpose of the order, and find out why they keep the artworks in this place.