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Outatime Games
1153 Wilmette Ave, Wilmette, IL 60091, USA
0-8 players, minutes, Outatime Games
Well, Luke’s Mom has done it with her last-minute garage sale, she frantically picked up a box of your four favorite toys and put it in the garage for sale. Hearing the ruckus of this weekend’s sale from across the yard, the neighborhood bully, a 12 year-old named Cliff, broke into Luke’s garage last night and stolen these toys and now are part of his diabolical plan to launch these into orbit to make these the first toys in outer space. But luck has given you a chance, a sudden thunderstorm has delayed Cliff’s fun for 60 minutes. Could you sneak into Cliff’s room, save your toys and get out or will it be too late?
1153 Wilmette Ave, Wilmette, IL 60091, USA
1-12 players, 60 minutes, Outatime Games
The famous Ripperologist, Professor William Cluefinder traveling from London, believed he has broken the Jack the Ripper case wide open.  After extensive research he has discovered that the long abandoned 19th century Whitechapel Club is in the basement of this building and holds the true identify of Jack the Ripper. The building is scheduled to be demolished today with only 60 minutes to spare! He needs a team of up and coming Ripperologists to sneak into the club, collect the evidence, and abort the demolition to save the historical site from becoming luxury condominiums. Can your team discover the real face of this serial killer before it’s too late?
Outatime Games Live Escape Room
1153 Wilmette Ave, Wilmette, IL 60091
1-12 players, minutes, Outatime Games Live Escape Room