Escape Rooms in Wheaton, IL
There are 2 escape rooms near Wheaton, IL.
Escape for Fun
Wheaton, IL, USA
1-10 players, 60 minutes, Escape for Fun
Description: Dr. Landon Parsons has gone mad. After being denied government funding for his groundbreaking research on gray matter, the once reputable scientist is obsessed with revenge. His brilliant mind is now being used for evil. Dr. Parsons has developed and activated a deadly bomb set to detonate in 60 minutes. You and your team have been secretly chosen by the FBI to infiltrate Dr. Parson’s office and lab and deactivate the bomb.
Wheaton, IL, USA
2-10 players, 60 minutes, Escape for Fun
Description: Your heart-racing experience will begin even before you enter the walls of Camelot, where the castle is under siege. Unique lighting and special effects will immerse your team of brave souls in an environment that will excite the senses and prepare you for the challenge ahead. You will then be trapped in the Chamber and your only chance for survival is for you and your teammates to work together to solve clues, puzzles, riddles and codes.