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3350 Pennsylvania Ave, Weirton, WV, 26062
1-7 players, 60 minutes, EscapeWorks
You are purchasing tickets for the EscapeWorks game "The Horseshoe Club." Four players minimum - there's a lot to do! (If you want to play with fewer than four, please call us) During the time of Prohibition, one of the area's most notorious speakeasies was The Horseshoe Club. Run by gangsters, the Horseshoe was a secret club where invited guests could drink, gamble, and listen to jazz. If you know the password, you can enter, and we're sure you'll have fun....but if you want to return to 2019, you'll need to find the hidden payoff before the Boss's courier comes for the money. Note: Kids are welcome, but please have at least one adult for every 2 kids under 14. Feel free to call with any questions. Your game begins on our Facebook page, where you'll solve a riddle to discover the password that gets you inside!