Escape Rooms in Palm Coast, FL
There are 5 escape rooms near Palm Coast, FL.
Twisted Minds Escape Rooms
1000 Palm Coast Pkwy SW #209, Palm Coast, FL 32137, United States
2-8 players, 75 minutes, Twisted Minds Escape Rooms
The people of Raven Port have been vanishing for months now. In fact, it all started right after the Egyptian Curator’s Gallery opened up downtown. Your best friend Alex works there now, and he’s always talking about the strange things he see going on there. The thing is, the police are getting nowhere with their investigations and people are still disappearing. It’s time to take things into your own hands, before it happens closer to home. The people who vanished were all last seen here, at the Egyptian Curator’s Gallery. Your team will start here, but beware, things are not always as they seem. You have one hour before the curator returns from lunch. Can you discover the curator’s secrets? Can you solve the mystery before you vanish too? Stay close and work together; teamwork has never been more crucial.
1000 Palm Coast Pkwy SW #209, Palm Coast, FL 32137, United States
2-10 players, 90 minutes, Twisted Minds Escape Rooms
You are a guest at the world renowned gaming camp, Camp Calico. Kids have been leaving each other clues for years on how to sneak in and out of camp to find a rumored ghost town near by. Last night you and your friends snuck out to find that ghost town, but little Johnny didn't make it back with you. You managed to keep it a secret all day from the counselors that he is missing, but now its an hour and 15 minutes before lights out. Can you sneak out and find Johnny before the counselors find out he is gone and close the camp forever. Can you save Johnny or will you be another victim lost in the woods.
1000 Palm Coast Pkwy SW #209, Palm Coast, FL 32137, United States
2-7 players, 105 minutes, Twisted Minds Escape Rooms
Soon after a popular 1980's Hollywood movie exposed that missile launch crews may be unwilling to carryout their wartime procedures, the United States began a Top-Secret training program near Area 51 to test all future launch crew candidates. "Silo 13 Elite Force Challenge" A once in a lifetime opportunity has presented itself. You and your team have been chosen to participate in an elite special forces training program. Created by our military and designed to evaluate your skills in an array of areas. your team will be put through a series of Heart pumping, high stressed, adrenaline rushing tasks and scenarios challenging your time management,mental reasoning,logic,observation and teamwork abilities all while pushing your team to the brink!! Will you be able to work together to solve the challenges that Silo 13 will throw at you, or will you crack under the pressure? YOUR CHALLENGE BEGINS NOW!!!
1000 Palm Coast Pkwy SW #209, Palm Coast, FL 32137, United States
1-6 players, 75 minutes, Twisted Minds Escape Rooms
The once prosperous silver mining town of calico is now a ghost town that provides daily tours. It has been bought out by a big city Builder who wants to bulldoze the town to make room for high-rise condos and mini malls. Rumors still remain of the fortune that John Digger Left Behind even though the town went bankrupt. So you and your friends book the last group tour of the old silver mining town, purposely wandering off and getting separated from the group. The tour has ended and you now have one hour before the power is shut down, the bulldozers roll in and the towns secrets and treasures are gone forever. Can you figure out if John Digger was a thief or a great business man that was set up?
1000 Palm Coast Pkwy SW #209, Palm Coast, FL 32137, United States
1-4 players, 20 minutes, Twisted Minds Escape Rooms
Available only at Golden Corral on Monday Nov. 11th from 2pm - 9pm. You have 15 minutes to disarm a nuclear bomb before it goes off.