Escape Rooms in Ocala, FL
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The Ocala Escape
Ocala, FL, USA
2-5 players, 60 minutes, The Ocala Escape
The posters of those missing line the old buildings and street poles of Jackson County. The woods are said to claim those who aren't worthy. You and your friends have long doubted the myths associated with the Jackson County woods. You are setting out to prove that these woods are nothing more than that... woods. During your hike, you come across a cabin. Looking abandoned, you decide to enter... as you do, you know you never should have. You try to escape, but the door has locked behind you. Finding another way out is your only option. 2-5 PLAYERS 5/5 DIFFICULTY13 YEARS OLD AND UP RECOMMENDED. FRIGHTS, GORE, AND JUMP SCARES.
Ocala, FL, USA
2-8 players, 60 minutes, The Ocala Escape
For a limited time, we are lowering the minimum participant number in this room to (2) people. Please keep in mind that this scenario is designed for 4-8 participants and will be more difficult with only 2 participants. Rigley's Manor used to be one of the most prestigious houses around. From it's finely manicured lawn to the extravagant indoor furnishings. It belonged to your estranged and eccentric relative, Uncle Rigley. Unfortunately, your dear Uncle Rigley has passed on and the house will be confiscated by the bank unless you can find the deed to the house. To make matters worse, the bank is confiscating the house in an hour... leaving you 60 minutes to find the deed and claim the manor as your own. 2-8 PLAYERS 3/5 DIFFICULTY
Ocala, FL, USA
2-4 players, 60 minutes, The Ocala Escape
You are a team of card-counting thieves who have just taken the mob's casino for a life-changing amount of money. You cash in your chips and are on your way out when you are grabbed and knocked unconscious. You wake up in a dingy room. Your captors proceed to inform you that their boss will be down in an hour to deal with you. They leave. You can see there is a door with a keypad in front of you... is it possible your money is back there? Not only do you need to find your money, you need to find a way out before the boss comes in. 2-4 PLAYERS 3/5 DIFFICULTYBLINDFOLDS AND HANDCUFFS