Escape Rooms in Oakland Park, FL
There are 3 escape rooms near Oakland Park, FL.
Chamber Escapes
Oakland Park, FL, USA
1-8 players, 60 minutes, Chamber Escapes
Trapped in a Haunted Shipwreck....Use your surrounding and your skills to Escape before the CURSE of Long John Silver... TAKES YOUR SOUL!!!
Oakland Park, FL, USA
- players, minutes, Chamber Escapes
Sing and dance with friends and family for 2 hrs in a private room.
Oakland Park, FL, USA
1-1 players, 60 minutes, Chamber Escapes
A Woman's body lies In a London alley... Is it Watson's Mistress? Sherlock's? Or was it Jack The Ripper??Only the clues will show! You have one hour to get into Sherlock's home to find the answers.. Before Scotland Yard finds the answers.... PROMO CODES & VOUCHERS DO NOT APPLY TO THIS ACTIVITY