Escape Rooms in North Aurora, IL
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No Escape Inc
479 S Randall Rd, North Aurora, IL 60542, USA
2-8 players, 60 minutes, No Escape Inc
«Wedding is one of the most memorable moments in every man’s life. The bachelor parties, however, are sometimes too awesome to be remembered. You wake up in the hotel after the craziest party ever and have absolutely no clue what the heck happened here, where is the wedding ring, how to fix the situation and get to the altar in time. That’s only 60 minutes left and the time is ticking!»
479 S Randall Rd, North Aurora, IL 60542, USA
2-4 players, 60 minutes, No Escape Inc
The No Escape Room in Buffalo Grove is excited to be the first in Chicago land to introduce the Virtual Realty (VR) escape room that offers fully immersive experience. It is very important to us that our virtual reality experiences are social and not individual or isolated. When you enjoy VR in the same physical space you get a richer more satisfying social experience. Our VR experiences encourage social connections via the technology itself as well as through the types of activities you participate in within the game. We use cutting edge wireless technology to allow players complete freedom to move around the virtual space. There is no need for ‘joystick’ or ‘teleporting’ movements. This eliminates the risk of VR sickness as well as heightening the immersion of the experience.