Escape Rooms in Newtown, NSW
There are 2 escape rooms near Newtown, NSW.
Second Telling Missions
397 King St, Newtown, 2042
2-6 players, 60 minutes, Second Telling Missions
Description: February, 1943. One of the White Rose’s leaflets called for Germans to sabotage the doomed war effort so that the war could be brought to a close as soon as possible. Your team has been contacted by a resistance organization and asked to break into a top-secret army communications center and sabotage the Enigma key-distribution mechanism. There is only a narrow window of opportunity to do it – one hour – but the mission could change the course of history.
397 King St, Newtown, 2042
2-7 players, 60 minutes, Second Telling Missions
Description: 18 February, 1943. Hans and Sophie Scholl, members of the anti-Nazi resistance organization the White Rose, were arrested a few hours ago. A member of the group who has yet to be arrested asks your team, as clean-skins, to go to their basement to retrieve a full list of White Rose members before the police have a chance to search the basement and find it themselves. The group was careful to put some security in place, so your team will have to find ways around it. The fates of the members of the resistance organization are at stake.