Escape Rooms in Mount Airy, MD
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Enter Exit Escape
1902 Back Acre Circle, Mount Airy, MD, 21771
1-24 players, 120 minutes, Enter Exit Escape
Board Game Night at Enter Exit Escape! Join us at Enter Exit Escape for board game night! For $5 per person, we will provide a variety of board games, drinks, and snacks. You are welcome to bring your own games if you'd like. All ages are welcome, but children must be accompanied by an adult and involved in game play.
1902 Back Acre Circle, Mount Airy, MD, 21771
1-6 players, 60 minutes, Enter Exit Escape
The year is 1970. The suspect is Graham L'Arceny, manager of VIP accounts at the Mount Airy Savings and Loan. The FBI has been tracking his meticulous but shady dealings for some time now, and it seems he has taken his level of crime to new heights for the holidays. He has even sparkled up his office in preparation for his grand holiday party. Your detective skills are needed to finally bring Mr. L'Arceny to justice. You have 60 minutes to scour the bank while he is at his daily visit to the stables. Can your team of special agents unwrap the evidence that will put him behind bars? (Go to the ROOMS tab to watch the FBI director's video.)
1902 Back Acre Circle, Mount Airy, MD, 21771
1-24 players, 150 minutes, Enter Exit Escape
Typical Valentine's Day outing not for you?We've got a unique alternative, a sweet escape!Whether you're a single, a couple, or a group of friends, join us for a fabulous night of food, drinks, and fun.$55 per person includes:- elevated casual food by Culinary Chick- seasonally flavored treats by Diane's Cupcakery- two free cocktails by MISCellaneous Distillery - an exciting escape adventure by Enter Exit Escape - the chance to meet new like-minded folksMust book your spot by Feb. 7th. Limited to 24 people.
1902 Back Acre Circle, Mount Airy, MD, 21771
1-10 players, 60 minutes, Enter Exit Escape
Dr. Goldblum has garnered attention for his prolific dinosaur fossil hunting in Maryland, an area previously thought to be relatively void of dinosaur artifacts. He recently uncovered the whopper of all fossils, a Cretaceous Era rock slab, with prints of a dozen dinosaurs and mammals in a concentrated area. Despite his fame surrounding this discovery, there have been rumors of his true passion: ALIENS! Choose your mission! We offer two completely different adventures under the same umbrella story. We recommend Project Blue Book first, but it is not necessary to complete Genus Alpha. Both games will delight and challenge! (Go to the ROOMS tab to see the videos and story of each mission.)
1902 Back Acre Circle, Mount Airy, MD, 21771
1-8 players, 60 minutes, Enter Exit Escape
You are among an elite group of individuals hand-selected by the world-renowned Egyptologist, Professor E. Your archaeologyteam has been instructed to meet him at his university office for the final set of instructions before heading to Cairo for a potentially history-making dig.But when you arrive, something is clearly awry. Mystery and paranoia are in the air. A legacy of terror has been ‘dug up’ and now mysterious forces are at work during the Halloween season in Professor E’s world of Egyptology. Your flight is in an hour. Can you put the curse to rest and make your flight?