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Into the Enigma
Medina, NY, USA
3-8 players, minutes, Into the Enigma
It's the 1920's, and prohibition is in full force. You, like the majority of the populace, don't care much for the laws prohibiting alcohol, and frequent a speakeasy. One day, while you and your friends are visiting the local watering hole, the police arrive while you're inside! The owner of the establishment takes quick action, and locks you all inside the bar, barricading you inside. As they lock you in, they explain that they hid a series of clues to help you discover the hidden key, and that he can stall the police for an hour before the will find their way in. If the police discover you, you all will spend some time in jail, as well as get the bar shut down. Do you have what it takes to make it out, saving your favorite bar?