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Submerged Maui
3700 Wailea Alanui Dr, Kihei, HI 96753, Kihei, HI, US
- players, minutes, Submerged Maui
Shared Room Rates: Person - $49 Private Room Rates: Private Room for up to 5 people - $299 Private Room for 6 people - $325 Private Room for 7 people - $343 Private Room for 8 people - $392 Recommended ages 12 and up without an adult* Duration 1 Hour Submerged Maui: Pele’s Stone You are part of the elite amphibious assault team Maui Five-O. You will be boarding the assault submarine SS Wailea and taken deep into the Au-au channel that runs between the islands of Maui and Lanai. Your mission is to locate and retrieve an ancient relic, a stone that supplies an endless source of energy to those who possess it. Legend has it the inhabitants of this lost and now submerged civilization received this stone from Madame Pele. Legend claims the stone harnesses the power of Pele’s volcanoes. The existence of the stone has been top secret but now an unknown team of hired mercenaries have located Pele’s Stone and attempted but failed to retrieve it. Ancient security measures protected the stone. After failing to retrieve the stone the mercenaries setup a variety of high-tech security systems further designed to protect and secure the relic. Worst yet, reports indicate explosives have been rigged to collapse and destroy the entire area should there be a failed attempt at disabling their security systems. Maui Five-O is the best of the best. Good luck Five-O! About the Maui Five-O Amphibious Assault Team Your team, the famous Maui Five-O amphibious assault team will be taken by submarine deep into the ruins of a submerged lost civilization. Your team will have to negotiate ancient security measures as well as work your way through the high tech security systems left behind by hired mercenaries. You will also need to solve mysteries hidden within the submerged city itself. Your team will be racing against the clock to retrieve Pele’s Stone and you will have to complete your mission before the mercenaries detonate what's left of this ancient city. Submerging this magical source of energy forever. BOOK NOW!