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Room Esc
Hopewell, VA, USA
2-8 players, 60 minutes, Room Esc
You were good all year, weren't you? I mean what you did wasn't THAT bad, was it? Better go make sure, just in case! Your group has arrived at Santa's workshop and you have 1 hour to find the nice list and make sure your name is written down! But remember, if you get caught, you will be on the naughty list for another whole year! All winners will receive a special gift! Ages: 6+ (one adult must be in the room if there is anyone under age 16) Group Size: 2-8 Difficulty: 6/10 Duration: 60 minutes
Hopewell, VA, USA
-12 players, 30 minutes, Room Esc
Extended To September 7th! Our Impossible Escape Challenge is so difficult, only one team has made it out... on their second attempt! This time from August 30th and to September 7th "Elephant Shujaa" will be transformed into another maddening challenge. Teams only get 30 minutes and 1 clue to complete the objective all for just $10 per person. The teams that make it through will receive exclusive Room ESC bumper stickers. And the first team to make it through on their first attempt win ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS CASH. Think you have what it takes? Good Luck.
Hopewell, VA, USA
2-10 players, 60 minutes, Room Esc
The old asylum has some strange rumors about the Doctor and its occupants. Your sanity and decisions may change what you find. With multiple ways to play and three endings, this is our craziest escape room yet! What will you uncover and will you be able to escape the Dark Asylum? 2-10 people 60 minutes Ages 13+ (Crawling involved, handicap access upon request)
Hopewell, VA, USA
2-5 players, 30 minutes, Room Esc
An enemy spy has planted a tape recorder in your base camp to gather information on your plans! Your job is to follow the clues and solve the puzzles to locate the tape recorder and turn it over to central intelligence before time runs out! Team: 5 ppl max (single households only) Ages: 5+ (adult must be present) Difficulty: 6/10 Time: 30 minutes THIS POP-UP ROOM IS OUTDOORS! Please dress accordingly. Due to the nature of the room, rain or strong winds will force us to close the room until conditions are optimal. Thank you for your understanding! Due to this unique situation, we are only accepting reservations up to 24 hours in advance!
Hopewell, VA, USA
-10 players, 60 minutes, Room Esc
Dr. Cornelius Sullivan is a world renowned collector of priceless artifacts from all over the world. His latest addition to his collection is an ancient mask from the Amazon Rainforest valued at 4 million dollars. Your teams job is simple. Break in, Steal the Artifact, Get Out, Don't Get Caught! This is the score of a lifetime! Will you be able to find the mask before the police show up? Is Dr. Sullivan just a simple collector? What else could be hidden in this first chapter of The Collector? Time Limit: 60 Minutes Ages: 6+ Capacity: 8 Adults OR 10 Children
Hopewell, VA, USA
2-6 players, 60 minutes, Room Esc
Wapenzi na kuwakaribisha marafiki! Hello and welcome friends to the Tsavo Elephant Reserve here in beautiful Kenya! Thank you so much for coming on such short notice. I understand that you are the best investigators in the conservation business and we have a case for you that is of the utmost importance! You are about to enter a campsite where Ivory poachers have been operating. It looks like we just missed them but we need to find out where they are heading. Will you find where the poachers are before its too late? Will you save the beautiful elephants? 20% of all proceeds will help support the Tsavo Trust in Kenya and help prevent poaching of their protected Elephants! 60 Minutes Ages 6+ (an adult must be in the room) Group Size 2-6 Adults OR 2-8 Children