Escape Rooms in Garner, NC
There are 3 escape rooms near Garner, NC.
Conundrum Escapes
41 Technology Dr, Garner, NC 27529
0- players, minutes, Conundrum Escapes
An unknown force has attacked the spaceship Falcon. Allied defenses have driven back the attackers but not before the captain and crew sabotaged main systems, set the self destruct and abandoned ship. Your team has been tasked with a daring retrieval, you have one hour to fix any disabled systems, find the captain's code and disable the self destruct or......well you know.
41 Technology Dr, Garner, NC 27529
- players, minutes, Conundrum Escapes
An evil queen. A land in turmoil. A powerful magician imprisoned. Using his magic he escaped, but left behind a magical object in his cell. This object can free the people and defeat the evil queen, IF you are worthy.
41 Technology Dr, Garner, NC 27529
1-10 players, minutes, Conundrum Escapes
In this adventure, teams travel to a Steampunk world where a young girl named Molly needs help proving that she is the rightful heir to her Uncle’s fortune. In this world of gears and gadgets, top hats and teapots, airships and steam, you must find the blueprints of a famous airship in her Uncle’s study. If your team can’t do this, the evil Duke of Cheshire will claim the fortune for his own. Assemble your team, gather your wits, and prepare for an incredible interactive adventure! Will Molly become the rightful heir? Or will the evil Duke win the fortune and leave Molly destitute and alone? That’s up to you! Open Friday-Saturday 12pm - 9pm. Tuesday - Thursday available by appointment only - please call 919-728-1401 to make a reservation for a time slot not currently available.