Escape Rooms in Elkhart, IN
There are 3 escape rooms near Elkhart, IN.
Break Free Escapes
610 County Road 15 Elkhart Central Transfer Elkhart, IN 46516
1- players, minutes, Break Free Escapes
Escape Down Under
21066 IN-120, Elkhart, IN 46516, USA
4-10 players, 90 minutes, Escape Down Under
You have been stranded on a ship that leaving Earth's orbit in one hour! You must find the clues and solve the puzzles to find your way off the ship!
Outsmart Escapes
610 W Crawford St, Elkhart, IN 46514, USA
2-12 players, 60 minutes, Outsmart Escapes
World renowned archaeologist Dr. Roland Medina has uncovered the ancient tomb of the Egyptian pharaoh, King Khufu. Khufu was rumored to be buried with an ancient relic known as the Emerald Scarab worth millions on the black market. Dr. Medina reportedly uncovered the Emerald Scarab but, expecting the tomb to be targeted by grave robbers, carefully covered his tracks and hid the scarab behind a series of complicated puzzles and traps. Dr. Medina has gone missing and we think he is being held hostage by the grave robbers. You have to figure out how to enter the tomb, find the Emerald Scarab and then escape before the grave robbers arrive. Hurry, the grave robbers will be here in an hour and you'll be captured!