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CNY Escape Rooms
4235 James St, East Syracuse, NY 13057, USA
1-10 players, 90 minutes, CNY Escape Rooms
You are a 1920's private detective tasked with securing a briefcase that has recently gone missing from your client's home; the contents of which are of extreme importance to the client. The Coppers are handicapped by the necessity to obtain a warrant and have told your client there is nothing they can do! Word around the street is that all nefarious activities run through the James Street Barbershop. Today only there is a much anticipated championship boxing match in downtown Syracuse everyone in town will be in attendance. You will have one hour to discover the whereabouts of the briefcase before your luck runs out (and you're swimming with the fishes). Bonus points if you can get the authorities what they need for their warrant to finally slow down the gang.