Escape Rooms in Denton, TX
There are 7 escape rooms near Denton, TX.
Escaping the Square
Denton, TX, USA
1-8 players, minutes, Escaping the Square
Denton, TX, USA
1-6 players, minutes, Escaping the Square
Quandary Escape Adventures
5800 I-35 #506, Denton, TX 76207, USA
1-12 players, 60 minutes, Quandary Escape Adventures
Patch the elf has hidden Santa's magical time stopper. Can you find it and stop time before Santa's sleigh leaves? Our seasonal room is a non-linear game that is great for family get togethers or holiday parties. Book your game this holiday season!
5800 I-35 #506, Denton, TX 76207, USA
3-10 players, 60 minutes, Quandary Escape Adventures
It’s the 19th century, and Egyptomania had gripped the world. Last night you and your companions attended an “unwrapping party” thrown by an eccentric millionaire, in which you actually witnessed a mummy unwrapped and found small treasures within the wrappings. How exciting! There’s just one small problem... The mummy wasn’t too happy about it. Can you return her treasures before she releases her full wrath at dawn? This room contains thematic elements that may not be appropriate for children under 14. 3 - 10 players.
5800 I-35 #506, Denton, TX 76207, USA
1-10 players, 60 minutes, Quandary Escape Adventures
The year is 1942. The place is Paris, France. German soldiers occupy the city. You and your comrades are part of the French Resistance. Your mission: Infiltrate a Nazi officer's office and retrieve compromising documents regarding the resistance. Lives are at stake. Can you escape with the secret files before it’s too late? For up to ten players.
5800 I-35 #506, Denton, TX 76207, USA
1-25 players, 180 minutes, Quandary Escape Adventures
Karen Sonnier is pleased to offer a professional development workshop to early childhood educators that will introduce and demonstrate activities that provide students with opportunities to promote the development of fine motor skills. This workshop for Preschool teachers will showcase activities and manipulatives that have been classroom tested by preschoolers. These hands on activities can be put together from free and inexpensive items. Tips on how to obtain materials, set up activities and modify activities to meet Texas PreKindergarten Guidelines for not only fine-motor but Science, Math and Art Guidelines will be presented. Time is scheduled in the workshop for participants to try the activities themselves and see if they will meet their student’s needs. You will walk away from this workshop with lots of ideas you can implement right away in your classrooms.
5800 I-35 #506, Denton, TX 76207, USA
1-1 players, 60 minutes, Quandary Escape Adventures
In 1925, the time of gangland empires, no one in your city is more feared than JimmyRaguletto. He’s The Boss. The big guy. The one you don’t want to mess with, lest you windup at the bottom of the river with your feet in cement. Somehow, something you did caught The Boss’s eye, and not in a good way. Can you escape the Speakeasy and survive your encounter with the biggest mobster in town? This is a LIVE audio only online escape room. You will be lead through this room by a game master. You will need to download the Discord app on a computer or smartphone. You will need access to either headphones or speakers and a microphone. Be prepared to listen carefully. This escape room was generously provided by the good folks at Escape This Podcast. See more of their rooms at www.escapethispodcast.comWe recommend no more than 5 participants for this game.