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Get Out & Play! Outfitters
3 Pershing Street Room 305, 3rd floor, Cumberland, MD 21502, United States
4-8 players, 90 minutes, Get Out & Play! Outfitters
It is February 15, 1929 and Al Capone has no shame in his empire of corruption and death. Yesterday he shocked the world with what has been dubbed the St. Valentine’s Day massacre. He executed seven of his rivals in broad daylight with his goons dressed up as cops. Actual cops and judges on his payroll have allowed him to terrorize the city. Bombing any business that won’t sell his illegal booze and murdering and killing innocents at every turn. He has to be stopped. Eliot Ness has invited you to join his “untouchables” - special investigators who have shown that they are above reproach and cannot be touched by Capone’s bribery or extortion. And he has an important assignment for you. At a cost measured in lives we have found a little private speakeasy of his on the north side of Chicago. It’s really just a little drop off for his men to relax, grab a drink and a quick card game as they make entries into his hidden ledger. And that, my friends, is the prize. His ledger contains, names, dates and income that the IRS needs in order to put him in jail. We haven’t been able to get him for his many other crimes. Lord knows we have tried. But at least we can put him a way for perhaps even decades if only we can get this one piece of evidence. The judge gave us a warrant and one hour. After that, if we haven’t found it, you won’t be untouchable any more. You will be a marked man in the cross hairs of the most dangerous man alive. Good luck!