Escape Rooms in Corinth, MS
There are 2 escape rooms near Corinth, MS.
The Escape Room Corinth
304 S. Parkway, Corinth, MS, US
2- players, minutes, The Escape Room Corinth
#*The Will* *You have been chosen to compete in a contest to win an inheritance worth $800 million from a recently deceased man who you knew only as “Coffee Shop Charlie.” Since Charlie was a huge fan of board games, puzzles, riddles, and secret codes, you can be sure that the competition will include all of those elements.* ___________________________________ ## Rates **Participant** - $15.95 ___________________________________ ## Duration One Hour ______________ **The rules of the competition are simple:** 1. Solve the puzzles, riddles, and secret codes to find Charlie's will. 2. The team with the fastest time gets the inheritance. *There are only 2 groups competing for the inheritance, and the other group has already competed. The other team's time was 60 minutes.* ___________________________________
304 S. Parkway, Corinth, MS, US
3- players, minutes, The Escape Room Corinth
#*Nevermore* ___________________________________ ## Rates **Participant** - $15.95 ___________________________________ ## Duration One Hour ___________________________________ ##About You find yourself captive in the lair of The Raven, one of the most horrific serial killers the world has ever seen. Just as you begin to lose hope, your captor offers you a chance at freedom. The rules are simple: Win and you live; lose and it’s the end. You had better hurry. You only have 60 minutes to set yourself free, or else you become his forever.