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Kingdom Keys NWA
Centerton, AR, USA
2-8 players, 60 minutes, Kingdom Keys NWA
Three years ago a total stranger came to you and said lay down your nets and I will make you fishers of men. Not knowing why, you believed him and spent the last three years following your best friend. He demonstrated and taught you things you never thought would be possible. Three days ago He was brutally beaten and hung in total humiliation. He was then moved to a tomb never to be seen alive again. This morning you were informed his body is MISSING and the tomb is empty. Is it possible that the prophecies of old were true, and he is now the risen King of Kings? You and the other disciples (your team) gather in the upper room to recount his last words, and search the clues of the empty tomb. Can you find the Kingdom Keys that will open the door to receive your Gift from the Father of your friends Kingdom, where He rules as King of Kings and Lord of Lords...Do you have what it takes to return as Kings and Priests among men in only 60 minutes?
Centerton, AR, USA
1-10 players, 60 minutes, Kingdom Keys NWA
When you entered the Kingdom you were told to "Seek first the Kingdom of God." In The Armory, you and your fellow Disciples will follow the clues, solve the puzzles, and discover the secrets to using the Kings Armor. Each piece of armor has a specific purpose, and knowing how and when to use it will be your Key to Standing. Do you have what it takes to Stand against all the tests and trials of the most cunning enemy? Only time will tell...but this time you only have 60 minutes to prove yourselves worthy of your King!
Centerton, AR, USA
1-1 players, 60 minutes, Kingdom Keys NWA
Book Party Room 2 hour Rental. $150 for the first two hours. This does not include the cost of tickets to any of our escape room adventures. Our 640 square foot party room is the perfect place to have your next gathering. It can comfortably seat 35-40 people and hold more without tables. Setup this room for your party to open presents, have cake, eat pizza or whatever works for your group, and then use it to store all your stuff while your team goes through one of our Adventures. You can rent the party room separately from booking escape room adventures as well.
Centerton, AR, USA
2-10 players, 60 minutes, Kingdom Keys NWA
After asking your father for his blessing to get married, you and your team have found yourselves physically and visually separated into two groups. Unsure of what’s going on you receive the following message from your father. My child, you know that my love for you is greater than anything you will fully understand. I have received the news that you desire my blessing on your upcoming marriage. I of course desire nothing more than your greatest happiness in this life and eternally. I am wise beyond your years and have seen many things good and bad throughout the years when it comes to love. There is love, and there is lust, and only true love lasts. To help ensure this is a love that lasts, I have split you, your beloved along with your friends. You must both search out the truth of what true Love is. You can communicate with your beloved anytime you wish, but you will only be reunited once you have opened the door of Truth that separates you. Once you are united I will have some more tests and obstacles you must overcome together to determine if true love exists. It is only than that Your Father’s Blessings will be given as you and your beloved can be joined together as one. [Please note this room is great for families, friends, and couples. While the story line follows two people in love, the Kingdom Keys are relevant to all aspects of God’s Love and how we are called to treat each other while separating the worlds standard of love from God’s.]