Escape Rooms in Brunswick, VIC
There are 3 escape rooms near Brunswick, VIC.
Xcape Melbourne
1/306 Albert St, Brunswick, VIC, 3056, Australia
4-8 players, 75 minutes, Xcape Melbourne
Description: You are a group of world renowned bounty hunters, framed and sentenced to jail. You find that strange things have been happening. People including guards have been mysteriously killed. What actually happened? One serene night, you vaguely see a dark shadow slowly closing in on you and decide you must escape this eerie place. Your companions are locked in a neighbouring cell. After several secret discussions, you and your companions decide to work together to break out of jail, away from this sinister place.
1/306 Albert St, Brunswick, VIC, 3056, Australia
2-6 players, 60 minutes, Xcape Melbourne
Description: In the year 210 BC, Emperor Qin passed away and was buried in a mausoleum built specifically for him. During Emperor Qin's reign, he ordered his people to build a large army made of terracotta, known as the Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Qin. You are part of a group of tourists. You come across local villagers who tell you a legend about thieves who once broke into the mausoleum and disturbed the spirit of Emperor Qin. The thieves were cursed and turned into living terracotta warriors. They also tell stories about people who have disappeared when they got too close to the mausoleum. Your friend, Jeff, was excited after hearing the stories. In the middle of the night, he took the journey to the mausoleum and never returned. The remaining group decide to visit the mausoleum the next day to find out what happened. You bump into the village leader and he warned against this risky journey. If you must go, he said, according to the elders, IF YOU OPEN A DOOR, THE DOOR MUST STAY OPEN SO YOU CAN ESCAPE DANGER. Once you arrive at the mausoleum, you are knocked unconscious. You awake amongst the Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Qin. You only have one hour to escape, otherwise you will turn into a living terracotta warrior and can never leave the mausoleum.
1/306 Albert St, Brunswick, VIC, 3056, Australia
2-4 players, 60 minutes, Xcape Melbourne
Description: You have received a ticket to see real life dinosaurs at the new Jurassic Park. The ticket includes a tour to the dinosaur experimental laboratory. Michael, Professor X’s assistant, leads your group through the lab but halfway through the tour, you fall unconscious. Upon awaking, you discovered the hideous truth behind Professor X's experimental lab. Professor X had been performing human experiments on tour participants by transplanting dinosaur DNA. No one knows that you are trapped but you managed to find a phone. You can only depend on yourselves and there is only one hour for you to escape the lab, otherwise...