Escape Rooms in Bergenfield, NJ
There are 3 escape rooms near Bergenfield, NJ.
Exit Plan
279 New Bridge Road
2-4 players, 50 minutes, Exit Plan
Description: Spaces Invaders in the air and the 8bit Aliens are everywhere! Help your alien friends fight against the evil Space Invaders from the dark side. Hurry now! Move and think at the speed of light! Be the savior of the universe for the fate of the entire galaxy lies in your hands…
279 New Bridge Road
2-6 players, 50 minutes, Exit Plan
Description: The mission has been compromised. Enemy facility is under lockdown. You have only 50 minutes to escape before the bomb detonates. The clock is ticking and time is not on your side. Failure to escape will result imminent death. Will you survive?
279 New Bridge Road
2-10 players, 50 minutes, Exit Plan
Description: You enter an abandoned attic. The door slams behind you. Panicking, you rush to turn the knob but it doesn’t budge. You’re trapped. A child’s voice whispers from behind, “Are you here to play with me?” You turn and see no one, only a feeling that someone or something is standing there in the dark…