Escape Rooms in Alexandra Hills, QLD
There are 2 escape rooms near Alexandra Hills, QLD.
Escape Confusion
12 Carlisle St, Alexandra Hills QLD 4161, Australia
1-6 players, 60 minutes, Escape Confusion
Agent Sam seems like a typical 80's kid. But behind closed doors, he's a world class spy, bringing the cronies of his arch nemesis Dawg to justice. His task was nearly complete when his partner went missing, with the key to finishing the job disappearing with him. Join Agent Sam in a trip down memory lane as you help his network of agents complete the mission, bring Dawg to justice, and jam out to some totally rad tunes while doing it. Will you be trapped in the past with nothing but a feeling of nostalgia? Or will you beat the clock and escape confusion? Good luck agents. The world is counting on you. - Designed to hold 6 guests. For larger groups, call 717-698-3088
12 Carlisle St, Alexandra Hills QLD 4161, Australia
1-8 players, 60 minutes, Escape Confusion
BOOM! You have been "recruited" by Pirate Paul and he wants to make you a part of his crew. He is giving you 1 hour to pay the ransom or prepare to be key-holed. Can you escape this pirate's confusion or will you be feeding the fishes in Davey Jones Locker?This room contains granulated cork